Are You Ready For A Post-Digital World?

In today’s fast paced technology driven world it has never been more important to have a fully integrated and seamless business strategy. Companies can no longer afford to consider digital marketing its own separate entity with unique messaging and purpose. We have entered into the world of post-digital marketing where the use of technology and digital media is incredibly intertwined into our way of life.

Before the digital age, marketing was done using primarily mass media, which allows companies to reach countless individuals with one single advertisement. Various forms of mass media are still used today and are still effective. However, when the digital world began to emerge most companies and most marketers unknowingly created organizational silos revolved around digital, which was often thought of as a secondary activity behind real marketing. Businesses drew a fine line between marketing and digital, but what they failed to realize is that consumers make no such distinction. Consumers rarely think about the channels they receive their media through.

This isn’t about traditional vs. digital. This is about understanding that marketing is an ever-evolving science that requires frequent change for mastery.

Technology and social media are now so deeply embedded into natural consumer behavior that we have quickly transitioned into a post-digital world; a world where marketers must fully understand the contextual content of their interactions with consumers. In other words, marketers must create content that has significant meaning to consumers based on the context of the moment they receive it. By collecting relevant data (searches, social, purchases, check-ins, location, etc.) companies will have the ability to create genuine moments for consumers.

Chances are your company doesn’t have the same capabilities as the titans of industry, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of the changes that the post-digital marketing world is creating. All companies, big or small, must begin to see all digital marketing as more than just a single form of marketing. Technology is only going to become more complex and weaved into the fabric of day-to-day life. The field may have changed but it is still the same old ball game you fell in love with, marketing.

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