The Power Of A Brand Manifesto

You might have heard the term “Brand Manifesto” thrown around a little bit, but do you really know what it means? Let’s dive in and find out not only what it is, but also how to bring it to life.

A Brand Manifesto is a declaration. A declaration of the primary intention of your brand, the guiding principles of your brand, and the strategies that guide each department to effectively realize the stated intention. A Brand Manifesto should motivate employees to make these intentions a reality. It’s a plan for a better world, a declaration of independence, and a moral compass that will guide and define your brand. Brands build trust through behaviors, and behaviors should be based on clear standards. These standards should bring your purpose to life by laying out the clear guidelines within which your brand operates. When done well, a Brand Manifesto can be an inspiring synopsis of your organizations worldview.

So, what are some reasons that you might want to create a Brand Manifesto? You want the values that your company stands for to be so desirable and relatable that its customers want to be associated with it. A great brand manifesto can make people feel connected and aligned to your brand’s vision. They will share their love of your brand with others and it will grow.

Bring your Brand Manifesto to life for your employees. Have them represent the brand goals and values. Have them live it.  Remember, it’s not limited to internal use, it’s a public declaration that you can share with customers, investors, and partners. People will know your brand intentions and how you’re setting out to achieve them.

A Brand Manifesto should:

  • Speak in the collective voice
  • Speak in the active voice
  • Be prompted by a desire to change
  • Be a framework for future decisions
  • Be not only worth reading, but worth acting on

A Brand Manifesto clarifies progressive intention of an organization, and it asks others (employees and customers) to join together and make it a reality. It should be very clear: This is us. This is what we stand for.

We used a video to bring SAVO’s Brand Manifesto to life. Take a look…

SAVO Brand Manifesto

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